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Tips for anxiety

Create an anti-stress kit

Keep in mind no matter what you decide to put in your self-care kit, it should be personalised to what you need. Maybe you only need a couple comforting items, while somebody else wants a variety to choose from in difficult moments. Experiment and see what works for you.


Calming essential oils, such as lavender, bergamot, frankincense dipped in cotton wool ball/tissue. Peppermint oil can be grounding if you find yourself dissociating

Essential oil spray

Stress ball/Stress cube

Affirmation cards

Stress relief candle

Acupuncture ring

Fidget toys/Grounding Objects

Silly putty – to help with sensory regulation

Journal and pen

Colouring book and felt-tips

Favourite snack Stick of gum

Bubbles – blowing bubbles, this is fun, but it also helps to regulate your breathing

Positive notes from yourself or others - Leave yourself a few notes for when things get tough that help you remember you’re resilient, loved and valued. Every time you feel good about yourself, write a positive note, and save it. Then when you’re feeling depressed or stressed, go back, and read those notes to remind yourself that these negative feelings will pass.

Photos of loved ones

Herbal teas - Oolong tea

99% Dark chocolate – studies have shown that eating 40g of dark chocolate a day lowered stress and anxiety levels in highly stressed people.


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