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My aim is to support you to improve your mental health and well-being by easing your stress, anxiety or sense of overwhelm. Talking to someone who knows how to understand can help how you are feeling, without being judged. It can help you face challenges in your life, it can give you space for healing and letting go of the past. Often the strategies we use to control, reduce or avoid unwanted emotions, thoughts and physical sensations can sometimes leave us feeling stuck and take away from doing things that matter to us. I can help you manage these thoughts and feelings more effectively and as a result you will feel better and have a deeper understanding of how to cope with what you are going through. This will improve the relationship you have with yourself and others around you, therefore improving the quality of your life. 

I can work with a variety of challenges and these may include, stress and anxiety, social anxiety, depression, panic attacks, lack of enjoyment, feeling fearful, bereavement, all types of abuse.



I can help you

to feel listened to, valued and respected

Process trauma

find tools/techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

achieve your life goals

to change your life

gain a better life-work-balance


improve your relationships

improve contentment

have greater self- confidence and self-esteem

be more able to express your feelings and emotions which can also improve personal and work relationships


have an increased sense of well-being


feel validated 


feel empowered